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Don’t be afraid to buy one of Scott’s amazing pieces of art online from your computer. I was fortunate to have recently purchased a Harris original, sight unseen other than pictures on the computer, and I definitely was not disappointed. If you think the paintings are interesting or nice on your computer, you’ll be amazed at how great they look in real life. Scott’s unique process of using aluminum creates a depth and glow you have to see to believe. Every time you look at the painting from a different angle or in a different shade of light you see nuances that you didn’t notice before. Scott’s art has a 3-D and almost holographic effect that is absolutely mesmerizing. It’s like owning a thousand paintings in one by just walking from one side to the other or gazing at it from the same spot in your home as the light changes through the day. The metallic effect makes his paintings among the most unique pieces of art you will find. Scott’s use of aluminum definitely sets him apart from other artists and is what will set your piece of art apart from every other painting out there. My painting might just be the most beautiful thing in the house right after my wife and kids! Take one home, you won’t be disappointed.
— Dr. Stephen Yeh
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