Support... The beginning

Donnica: Not going to lie – telling people I was marrying an artist brought out the pessimistic side in some of the people in my world. (To be fair, we only dated 8.5 seconds, so very few of my family or friends had a chance to actually meet Scott, get to know him or learn how talented and hardworking he is). Though many comments focused on how I would be working overtime for the rest of my life or included the phrase “starving artist,” Scott were fortunate to have support from the beginning on multiple levels. And since I wasn’t actually there at the very beginning, I’ll generously give the spotlight to him for this post (just this once). 

Even though I look like I'm 12... This is me in front of one of my pieces for my senior show at Brevard.

Even though I look like I'm 12... This is me in front of one of my pieces for my senior show at Brevard.

Scott - Wow. So I feel like this post is going to sound like a Grammy acceptance speech, “I want to thank God, my lovely wife, my parents for supporting me…” But having support is a must and I will probably never receive a Grammy. Let’s be honest.

To step out in anything, you’re going to need support. I am completely overwhelmed with the support that we have both had from the very beginning until the present. And you need real supporters too, not just the ones that are always going to say, “That’s great, you can do anything.” You may be able to do anything, but you’re going to need honest critiques from time to time.

With all that being said we have decided that this is too much for one post. We are going to have the next few posts about the different and wonderful people who have supported us. So look for those to come.

I have to begin with my parents and their support of my desire to start the journey beginning with art school. They never said I should go to school to study for a “real” job or career. They both believed in me and I am forever grateful. There will be much more about that in the next post.

It was almost by chance that I ended up at Brevard College.  It was a great school and I’m thankful that I had professors that I still have relationship with over 14 years later! I’m especially looking at you, Jo and Bill! I will never forget running into those two on a random side street in Paris! What are the odds?! (Students, you can’t run far enough to get away from the watchful and friendly eye of your teachers, so don’t try.) Other professors like Mr. Murray, Ann Chapin and Dr. Bell, to name a few more, made my four years there really wonderful.  So here’s my plug for Brevard College; you can cut me a check later if you want. It really made a huge difference to have professors I could talk to, during school or after. I’m thankful for those guys and the school for a great start in my current career.  I’m hopeful to give back someday soon to the school that gave me so much. I just probably need to finish up those school loans first.

The way I ended up at Brevard was a God thing and not just by simple chance. I’m thankful that I was open to the idea and the open door by a great member of Champion Hills Country Club. Champion Hills was a great place to work before, during and after I graduated school. I’m absolutely sure there will be more to say about them in later posts as well.

There really is just so very much to say about so many people who have been in so many seasons of our life. This is the first chapter of what will hopefully end up as a never ending book of gratitude. There’s no way we could do this life alone and wouldn’t want to try.

Words like thankful, grateful and overwhelmed seem too little for what we feel in our hearts.

Talk soon,

Scott & Donnica