We All Need Friends

Support: 1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.


When we lived in Matlache, FL (pronounced mat-la-shay… not mat-latch-uh) we lived in a stilt house since it was on the canal and subject to rising water. I can’t remember how many stilts there were but each one was not very big, maybe 8x8 or 6x6. But all these stilts safely held up the house. I swear that’s how I feel Donnica and my life has been, held up by all our friends and loved ones. Not as in held back & I certainly hope that we have been there for others as well. It’s so very important to have those handful of people in your life. The ones that will hold you up and not quit.

I think it was a text from a friend reminding us that “They knew Scott when he did art for free”… I love that text. That means the world to me. We have friends who have seen us have nothing (sometimes almost literally) and have been there with us. There are so many people who have believed with us and wouldn’t let us quit, people who have spoken life into us. We have people in our life who bought art at a time that maybe they couldn’t “afford” it just to support us. We’ve given away and snuck artwork into other homes when maybe we couldn’t “afford” to give it away. I guess what we can “afford” doesn’t matter as much. I’ll stop with the quotes.

I’m not talking about a million friends or that everyone in the world has to like you. Last time I looked The Rock had 87.1 million (with an M) followers on Instagram. I think I have 250 (no M). And he should. He works hard, he’s hilarious; I follow him and you should too. (And if he wants to throw some followers my way for that plug I’d be fine with that.) But I’m talking about real connections - like the stilts that hold up the house. They aren’t there at a distance cheering us on. Its contact. Weight bearing. I can’t say enough about the people that we have in contact in our life. I just hope I make a good stilt too. I’m pretty good at being a dull piece of wood.

Us cheesing it at one of said art shows... her smile... love it.

Us cheesing it at one of said art shows... her smile... love it.


                I am not exaggerating when I say we have the best friends on the planet. From the first art show I ever attended with Scott until now, friends have shown up to “ooh” & “aah” over Scott’s latest piece. They point and stare and nudge strangers asking, “Did you see this one?” Friends who are more comfortable in mesh shorts have gotten dressed up in suits because we asked them to be there. (I don’t think it was *just* because of the free food and wine.) Friends have gotten sitters & made their “getaway weekend” with their spouse in the same city as our show. Friends who have fronted cash when they were nearly as broke as us. Friends who encouraged us when these shows went without sales who “saw” what we were walking towards; who believed when we were ready to quit. Friends who paid for vacation because they acknowledged that all hard works and great ideas don’t equal immediate payoffs. Friends who encourage and push and remind and give honest feedback and celebrate and commiserate with us.

                I can’t go on without mentioning that many of these amazing people support us because of spiritual vision. We both believe that Scott is “called” to be an artist & we are not the only ones. We have leaders and friends who speak into our personal life and our business on this level. Not every step that we have taken would be seen as practical according to a business model, since many of our decisions are faith steps. Fortunately we are surrounded by individuals who emphasize spiritual giftings, the favor of God and obedience over (what may seem like) common sense. We believe that we are planted in family with these people to establish specific purposes. “Thank you” feels so inadequate. We truly are eternally thankful for each of you. And as Scott said, we pray that we have breathed just as much life into you.

With all sincerity. Thank you,

Scott & Donnica